The Road Less Travelled


Thank you for supporting Noorspoort Guest Farm over many years. We do value your support! In these challenging times where you can not even visit us, we decided to be like a good farmer and a good farmer does one thing only…and that is to make a plan… 

After much consideration…taking the weather patterns into consideration, drought, the plummeting Rand, stock theft, shortage of jobs…all this led to the logical conclusion that we have to upscale our skills…(even at 53 and 79!)…and to make money online.

Not Rands, but Dollars! 

So our journey up the digital mountain has started…

Through a friend, we bumped into this online school (access to more than 6000 courses). One who takes you by the hand with a whole supporting infrastructure and community. One that can nurture and lead you on your way to financial freedom.

And here we are…one step ahead of you. And we know enough to know that this is a great system. With great support. A steep learning curve for sure, but such is life. Dedication is needed.

Now we know enough to guide you up your mountain!

Please click here to access your free information

Keep climbing!

Best Regards

George and Daniel Craven

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